There is no better way to expand into US market than to set up a subsidiary in the United States. A subsidiary allows the Italian parent company to act as a distributor, learning about the reality of the American culture and diverse business practices first hand while protecting brand image, managing business strategy, and ensuring the proper attention is devoted to products and services.

  • Administration of a subsidiary

  • The American Platform is created through the formation of a legal entity (company), a physical entity (office, dedicated staff) and a virtual entity (office accessible online with password).

  • Services include:
    •    Incorporation of the US entity
    •    Open a US bank account (with credit card) with an American bank 
    •    Set up corporate delivery address, registered agent and dedicated phone line
    •    Set up a receptionist, customer service and order processing staff
    •    Billing, Accounting and Fiscal Management
    •    Contracting
    •    Online Virtual Office 

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